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​* Vivimancy isn’t necromancy – there is no way to bring somebody back to life – but there are ways to cheat death through magic and medicine. It isn’t a rare knowledge​, but it is expensive and resource-heavy; and the oils and fumes it uses are addictive. This last fact is design rather than chance – The Embalmers Guild, who control this knowledge, are all members of the Imperial family – descendants of the Empress whom she taught her secrets to – though not well enough or completely enough – and now they can just about keep her alive, as well as siphoning what resources they can to the Hall of Ancestors – a chamber in the palace where the oldest of the Imperial Family reside, kept alive through vivmancy and strength of will alone.

Things we want to include:

​* Tarsium is the centre of the known world

  • Everything bleeds – internally consistent biology.
  • Magic – Different species have different magics, but it is invariable based in patterns of one sort or another.
  • Showboating: Gladiators aren’t usually slaves – they are celebrities, often nominated by the Faiths.
  • Alchemy and arquebus – Gunpowder is known and used, by firearms are crude, heavy things, limted to use by the standing armies that the six members of the Council raise to protect the city.

Things we wanted to avoid:

  • No killing other PC’s – it’s PVP, but you attack other PC’s gladiators / interests, rather than them.
  • No wizard supremacy – magic is just one tool that is used, not a miracle “fix-all”.
  • No magic in the ring – you can use magic to buff your gladiators, but can’t use magic to assault your opponents.
  • No interventionist gods – gods are said to communicate via visions sent to the faithful, rather than miracles and avatars.
  • No trad fantasy. Put a new spin on it, find a strange flavour.

Scratch Space

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