“The first rule of the Quiet Step is that you don’t talk about the Quiet Step.”

Beliefs: The Quiet Step really like secrets. Orthodox priests take a vow of silence during the daytime. Hyper-Orthodox priests include hand-sign in this.


Speak only when absolutely necessary. Priests tend towards austerity and reserved attitudes.

Devotees believe that you should only own what you can carry – a rejection of the Baju’s often materialistic leanings.


The Quiet Step originated with the Baju, in their swamp home, but have gathered worshipers among the Jaculi, more recently, as the two cultures have met and mingled.


The Step is very minor player in the Great Game – they have suggested that they may introduce certain sumptuary laws if they gained a seat of the council, but as yet, they have made no overt bids for power.


It is an open secret that many devotees of the quiet Step are spies and assassins. The first rite of initiation is working out what the tenets of the faith are.


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