• Passing through a doorway adds to you.
  • The Gates were made by the Ancients, who had far greater knowledge.
  • It is the duty of Doorkeepers to set tests for the faithful.


  • Ceremonies to The Doorkeepers tend to happen at sunset and sunrise.
  • Standing on a lintel is powerful – and is when devotees are expected to speak the truth.
  • Ceremonies are often inquisitorial, with priests demanding public confessions from devotees, leading to a solid core of devotees who honestly try to live good, pure lives according to the views of the church.
  • Many orthodox Doorkeepers are vegetarian.


  • The Doorkeepers are, despite thier views on segregation, a multicultural faith – with worshippers from all the species in the city.
  • There are a lot of recent Tonberry converts to the Doorkeepers.
  • The faith of the Doorkeepers was the faith of the Sand Elves, hundreds of years ago, when they arrived in the place that was to become Tarsium.
  • Many sects still strongly support the Imperial Family. The Empress was last carried to a public ceremony thirty years ago, but still regularly accepts visits from Papa Gunther, the Sand Elf head of the faith, who sits on the Council.


  • They believe that access to the city of Tarsium is one of the things they must judge – and want to put limits on who can pass through the gates in to the desert – this is judged on class versus race, however – are you worthy?

If they have another year in power, they will introduce segregation, hard-line immigration laws and control over the Gates.


Tarsium is a melting pot, and the kind of class divide Gunther is proposing is tricky to maintain. The church may need to relax some of it’s more hard-line views if it is to succeed another year.

The Church of the Forgotten Throne is an offshoot of the Doorkeepers.

The Sand Elves have a chequered past – once the rulers of the Empire, now fallen – and the ‘feral’ Sand Elves that live out in the deserts outside Tarsium do little to improve their reputation.


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