Sleazy Media Mogul


Largo would deny he was a religious man (unless was paid), but his first job enforcing donations at the Chapel of the Divine Lucre has clearly left a mark on his personality. He’s even more shitty to his fellow goblin than the default, and has a special flair for digging up dirt and then flinging it at people.

Naturally, he gravitated towards the media, and quickly rose to dominance of the less-respected publications after a series of unfortunate fires. Three things fill the papers he runs: Sex, Gossip, and Fights. Given how cheap sex is, and how uncontrollable gossip is, he’s set his sights on the fights as the next part of his empire.

Largo’s House of Gore is put together on the same principle as the rest of his holdings: quantity beats quality every time. Tickets come in ‘standing’ and ‘sitting’ (on benches) varieties, and there are usually a slew of vouchers for cheap(er) beer and food in the papers, especially before big fights. Cheap beer is a specialty of the HOUSE OF GORE, and rumours that the pies are filled with whatevers swept up afterwards Spadge persist despite being debunked in all the major tabloids.


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