Everything bleeds…


Tarsium: a desert city, built around a series of oases and networks of complex irrigation, ruled over by a near-dead-but-for-Vivimancy empress and her council, composed of the heads of the six most powerful churches.

The Proving: The year-end gladiators’ tournament (so much less messy than a crusade) that determines which six of Tarsium’s many churches have the favour of the gods and the right to sit upon the council.

The Benefactors: The owners of the arena. Comperes, showmen, managers, all on the slippery ladder of political power. All competing for glory, for influence… and most of all, for money.


Everything bleeds. Everything costs. Power corrupts.


In theory, the city is ruled by the immortal Empress, who is advised impartially by the six Pontifices. In practice, it is a little more complicated than that.

Magic and Technology

Divination, Portamancy, Vicimancy.


Tarsium is a melting pot, but one with lumps.


Tarsium is run by a council of the six greatest faiths, but there are many more who would take their place if they could.



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