The Luminates

The Luminates.

Belief: That the Goddess Luna (whose body is the arc of the night sky) illuminates the world. Knowledge and artifice are her purview; as well as libraries and schools.

Worship: Tends to be solitary and meditative. Worshippers gather in small groups on the nights of the full moon. Worshippers are instructed to carry candles and lanterns at night.

Politics: A relatively minor faith, whose worship arrived about twenty years ago, with a charismatic Fennec prophet named Garim, who claims that she heard the word of Luna out in the desert. Her worship has grown amongst Fennec, young Cactus Folk – often scarred, and is gathering traction in the Tonberry Quarter.

Promises: To revise Tarsium’s archaic system of laws, build schools and libraries.

Problems: Garim has been quite vocal about her dislike of the current system of government; and has spoken publically about a seperation of Churches and State.

The Luminates

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