The Sun King

Belief: The Sun is the source of all life. His words are delivered through the lip of Ull, He-Who-Is-The-Dawn, a Salamander god-king from the city of Tokoferal, in the northern swamps. He teaches that order and hierarchy is good, as is worship of the ruling family.

Worship: Devotees tithe 1/5 of their earnings to the priests of Ull. In Tokoferal, this is delivered to the ruling family to distribute as they see fit, but here in Tarsium, Ull has wisely decreed that it be given to the poor and needy.
Ceremonies happen at dawn and involve bells and demonstrations of athleticism. Ull prizes physical fitness.

Politics: Ull the Sun-King is worshipped almost exclusively by migrant Salamander families, though worship is very small in Tarsium. Additionally, a handful of destitute individuals from a variety of cultures have sworn fealty to the priests of Ull, as a result of the tithes gifted to the church. The high priest of Ull in Tarsium is Glithansi, a politically savvy Salamander who worked as a gladiator for a year when he arrived in the city.

Promises: To commit troops to the defence of Tarsium, keep the streets safe from crime and the desert trails safe from banditry.

Problems: Much of Tarsium believes the worship of The Sun King to be gloriously corrupt, the result of a petty tyrant. When exposed to the multicultural melting pot that is the city, many devotees lose thier faith – particularly when offered opportunities for belief that don’t take 20% of your earnings. Edicts come from far across the desert and are occasionally ignored.


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