Magic and Technology



Vivimancy isn’t necromancy – there is no way to bring somebody back to life – but there are ways to cheat death through magic and medicine. It isn’t a rare knowledge​, but it is expensive and resource-heavy; and the oils and fumes it uses are addictive. This last fact is design rather than chance – The Embalmers Guild, who control this knowledge, are all members of the Imperial family – descendants of the Empress whom she taught her secrets to – though not well enough or completely enough – and now they can just about keep her alive, as well as siphoning what resources they can to the Hall of Ancestors – a chamber in the palace where the oldest of the Imperial Family reside, kept alive through vivmancy and strength of will alone.


There are, apparently, ways to predict the future. It is an uncertain art – most often priests attempt to discern the truth from dreams of the markings of scattered pieces of carved bone – but occasionally, the results are startlingly accurate.

Doors and Portals

Nobody really knows how the Gates work, despite the best intentions of The Guild of Doorkeepers – they just do. Collapsing them seals off the way for all eternity.

Science and Technology


Weapons of War

Magic and Technology

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