The Forgotten Throne


The Throne are an offshoot of the Doorkeepers – and their core beliefs are much the same. However, they propose that the last prophet was Emperor Jarl, the grandfather of the current Empress, who they claim had a direct link to the Ancients, who built the gates.


Jarl’s teachings are that confessions should be private; between inquisitors and devotees. They are more contemplative than demonstrative.

Politics: The devotees of the Throne are exclusively Sand Elves. There is a bastardised version of the worship of the Throne that is popular with the so-called ‘feral’ Sand Elves that live in the deserts outside. There are a number of pontiffs, but the current popular face is Hunter Hardison, a priest who made her fortune securing big game for arena fights some years ago.
Promises: The Forgotten Throne have vowed to fund research in to the nature of the Gates and the Ancients. They will probably dismantle the current power of the Inperial family.

Problems: The Forgotten Throne aren’t popular. Moreover, it is said that they were responsible for a failed assassination attempt on the Empress, last year. Nothing was proved, but they are currently under tight scrutiny.


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