The Broken Guardians believe that all pantheons are facets of one God, which shattered itself into pieces in order to create the world. The world, too, exists as facets of the One.

The Broken Guardians believe that the tension between the different aspects of the One is what allows the world to exist, and thus seek to recognise and categorise the differences between individuals.

The Broken Guardians fear the coming of what they call the Grey Apocalypse, where all differences between people, cultures, and nations are overcome and all sentient life — and eventually, all things, people, and concepts — merge into one indistinct whole. Many see Tarsium as the first step on the dangerous road towards the Grey Apocalypse; others see the power within the city as a tool that can be wielded to keep the world forever divided.

Some heterodox sects of the Broken Guardians contend that the Grey Apocalypse is a good thing, since it will end all human strife and suffering, and that the creation of the world was an accident outside of the divine plan.

The Broken Guardians were worshiped by the Sand Elves when they first arrived in Tarsium – though it’s unknown whether they brought it from their home. For centuries, it was the Imperial Faith, and is still practiced by many Imperials to this day.

Some Broken Guardians fear the mixing of cultures – they have already introduced certain laws that promote cultural activities. If they gain another year on the council, they have sworn that they will push for even harder limits on racial segregation; and intend to limit access to the city – though unlike the Doorkeepers, they are only interested in what happens within the city walls.


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