Superstitious Tonberry benefactor with Zen-like stables


Perfection is something to strive for, even with the knowledge that it can never truly be attained.

Heot (that’s how the registrar spelt its name) is the first Tonberry to ever be a benefactor of the arena in the city’s history. Few know it’s aims or desires or even dare to guess. What is known of Heot’s stables are the length of time it takes to create a gladiator worthy of the arena – much longer than usual – and the quality of those gladiators when they are finally ready – higher than expected.

Heot feeds its gladiators on a special diet of its own devising, forces them to strive for perfection and measures, measures, measures. Everything in Heot’s stables is designed to a strict, disciplined timetable, everything has it’s place from the design of the stable herb gardens to the correct times to wake, practice, meditate, fight, sleep.

Heot believes that with a proper application of its methods any being could triumph in the arena despite their origins. All they have to do is submit to discipline, rigorous testing and metrics and if they survive the process they will come closer to perfection than others. Then they fight.

In seeking perfection in others, Heot also looks for perfection in itself. It logs, reviews and refines the methods it uses, fussing over minutae and introducing new concepts methodically to determine which of them ultimately might prove beneficial. Many of the gladiators in it’s stable are actually in control groups and very likely never see the arena.



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